When pins say it better

Sooooo, it’s been a moment since my last post.

My week hasn’t been the greatest of weeks.

Since sometimes pinterest can explain how I’ve been feeling better than I can, I thought I’d let some pins do the talking rather than try to do it myself.

At work…

How I’ve been feeling this week..

The weather…

On being a single mom with a migraine…

My non existent exercise this week…

My diet this week..

5c3f536aa2c78b2a489dca4595d63c87Where I wish I was…


And what I always try and remember…


It’s been kind of a rough week, if you couldn’t tell, but I will only allow myself to wallow in pity for another day or two.  After that it will be time to pick myself up, brush myself off, and move on.

When I sit down a truly think about it, these little things that I am struggling with are minor.  It makes me uncomfortable.  It makes me feel exhausted just in dealing with it.  It makes me want to give up and walk away.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just walk away from those things that are complicated?  Sure, but when is giving up ever the answer?

I hope you all are having a wonderful week, and staying warm!!

How are you feeling this week?

Are you freezing as much of the country is?


I know…

I know… that I hate the snow, especially when I’m stuck at work.


I know… that I forgot my tennis shoes yesterday and had to improvise in the gym.

know8I know.. that I’m glad that my work has a gym I can go to, no matter what time it is.

know9Not wanting to drive home last night, I waited around 2 hours for one of my co-workers to get off work.  I figured he could drive, and I could ride.  Better safe than sorry!

Thankfully I had the elliptical, Criminal Minds, and the book I’m reading Sharp Objects to keep me company.

I know… that I had no idea that Teen Mom 2 was back on the air.

knowI hopped on the bike for 30 minutes to watch, while I waited on my ride.

60 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the bike, and a few crunches.  Sometimes it’s nice to get stuck at the gym, with no where to go, but there.

I know… that this was some of the best tasting fruit that I’ve had in a while.

know7I know… that this is also some of the best tasting tea.

know5It tastes even better when it’s snowing outside, you’re stuck at work, and your stomach is miserably bloated.

I know… that I did not want to shovel my side walk this morning when it was only about 15 degrees.

know2But I did, and considered it my workout for the day.

I know… that when my Tupperware drawer gets too full to close, it really means that I need to go to the grocery store. Unused Tupperware= No leftovers.know3I know.. that when my lunch looks like this, I’m down to slim pickins’.  Which is kind of the same as the picture above, but not :)

know4Waffle fries, with eggs, spinach, red onion, and hot sauce.

I can’t complain though, it was actually a pretty good lunch.

Tell me something you know?

How much snow did you get?


A few eats from the weekend

This weekend was pretty much spent in the house, minus the few times I did get out to see friends and run errands.

My food motivation has been pretty lackluster this weekend.  I’m not sure if I just don’t have the oomph to find recipes I want to try, or that I’m running low on groceries and have another few days before I can go to the store.

While I was home most of the weekend, I did manage to have a few pretty good eats.

First up, was Jessica’s Everything Hummus.

MONIt’s really good, and I love the consistency.  The sesame oil was a little over powering, so when I make it again I might try using a little less.


mon1It looks like a mess of a pile, but it’s so good and really easy.  I cooked some corn tortilla strips.  I added some green peppers onions, eggs, tomato, and cheese and lunch was served.  I had everything on hand, and it’s one of those recipes that will help use up a little produce before it goes bad.

Soy Noodles

mon5I made noodles for dinner Sunday night, and then got two dinners ready for work this week.  This is probably the easiest dinner I ever make.  I boil some noodles, and then sauté it in a little sesame oil.  Afterwards I just top it with some soy sauce and toss together.  I can see this becoming an addiction of mine.  I don’t know why I don’t make it more often.


Justine had gone to a friend’s house for a sleep over, and when she came home she had a salted caramel cupcake for me.

mon7So good.

Looking at my food this past weekend, I can’t really complain about not having good food to eat.  I might have been lacking in the inspiration department, but all the food I ate was actually really delicious.

In other news, I was picking up Justine’s book bag to move it and noticed how heavy it was.  I looked inside and found this.

mon4This book probably weighed a few pounds, and my daughter is reading it.

So proud.

Are they calling for any snow where you’re at?

If you could choose to have no snow for the rest of your life, would you want it?

Less pictures, more words

My Friday night didn’t end up being as humdrum as I was expecting it to be.

After I got off work Friday afternoon, I headed over to my bestie’s house so we could run a few errands.

I needed to go to Lowe’s to look at there ceramic tile for my downstairs bathroom.  I had all intentions of buying the tile yesterday, but right before I left work a co- worker said she had ceramic tile in her shed that needed to be used.  We set up a day this weekend for me to go over to her house and check it out.  I still headed over to Lowe’s to get a feel for what they had, just incase what my co worker has didn’t work out.

After we spent some time in Lowe’s shopping around we headed over to Target, I wanted to get a rug for the bathroom.  I ended up walking out with a shirt, jacket, storage bin, cream cheese, and buyer’s remorse.  I started feeling bad for spending money when I didn’t come home with anything I had planned on buying.

Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the tile my co worker has, does indeed work out for me.

My stomach was all but eating itself, so food was a must.  Sam had a coupon for a free appetizer at Texas Roadhouse, and being the thrifty spenders that we are, we got an appetizer and then split the shrimp sewer dinner.  It was more than enough and I rolled walked out of there a happy girl.

I got home Friday night, about 9:30, and it’s sad to say that I was in bed by 10:30.  I have no shame though, after getting up at 5:00, nothing seems too early.

I’m glad I did go to sleep then, because at 3:30 Saturday morning I was wide awake.  Smh.  I had Saturday off, with no child, and I couldn’t even sleep in.

I did what most people who wake up in the early morning do, and got on Pinterest to find some inspiration for breakfast.  I knew I wanted to bake, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted something real sweet… Soft Pretzels Bagels was the winner.


These were so good.

It’s one of those items that I will want in my house pretty much all the time, which could be dangerous.

The rest of Saturday morning was spent painting my hallway, and picking up the tiles that my co-worker had, which will work perfectly!  Phew.


I had probably given myself a gray hair worrying about money for the tile, and spending a few extra dollars at Target.  That’s actually one of the worst feelings is to constantly worry about money.  I know most people have money stress, and can relate.

Later that afternoon I met up with my two friends that I’ve been friends with since elementary and middle school.

I suck and didn’t take one picture, but we had lunch, which was sushi.  It was so good.  I got eel and avocado, spicy crab, and red snapper and mango.  Oh my words.  My mouth is water right now thinking about it.

I wore myself out Saturday, by getting up super early, making bagels and taking my hallway from this

paintto this.

paint4paint3The color wasn’t the exact “gray” I was looking for.  However, when I was at Lowe’s I found this gallon of paint for $5.  It looked close to what I had bought for $25 recently. I bought the $5 can, and took back the $25 can.  Though Lowe’s told me that they weren’t supposed to take paint back, they did.  Score!

It was those exhausting stay at home weekends, but I love seeing the change in my home.

How your weekend?

Are you off tomorrow?



Weekend, parties, and painting

I don’t know why working the day shift wipes me out the way it does, but today is my third day and I am running on fumes.

I get up at 5:00 am, but I am in bed going to sleep by 9:00 pm.  You would think I would be well rested?

Thankfully, tomorrow is my Friday and I actually have a true weekend (Saturday and Sunday) off.

Justine is planning on leaving me Friday night for a wild party sleepover at a friends, which leaves me thinking about how I’m going to spend my evening.

As much as I’d like to think I’m going to have a great night out on the town, I kind of feel like my night will be spent at home painting my hallway.

thursday3This will be where the magic is happening.

I know, I know.  Way too much fun for any of you to handle.


I am excited to see the hallway painted.  I’m painting it the same color as the downstairs bathroom, and since my Dad is going to be over on Monday to start ripping out the bathrooms I can paint I thought I’d get a head start on the hallway.

Do you ever feel like you wasted time on the wrong people, and once you finally weed out the bad from the good you’re kind of left back at square one?  Yea, this is so me right now.

I feel like I invested time in not the best choice of people, and I’m left painting my house on Friday nights.


Ha.  I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

I love the time I have spent working on myself.  Staying home with Justine, rather than being out at the bar.  Figuring out who I am and what makes me happy, rather than settling.

Today I had to leave work a few minutes early to get to the doctor, and make sure everything in this noggin is working the way it’s supposed to.  I still have check up’s every month with my doctor to make sure that I’m staying on track on being in the best of health both mentally and physically.

Some people don’t like going to the doctor, but I on the other hand, am on a first name basis with my doctor’s and their staff.

The doctor visit went great.

The best part of the visit was that I passed a Dunkin’ Donuts and I got to use my last birthday coupon for the year.  *sad face*

thursday1I ended up getting a decaf iced coffee.

thursday2The only bad thing, there is no sticker on the side of the cup.  When I’m sitting there sippin’ on my coffee, wondering if they missed the decaf part and gave me regular coffee instead.  I have no sticker to put my worries at ease. Get with it Dunkin’ Donuts.

I’ve did a load of laundry.

I’ve made sure the kid is fed.

I’m also convinced that the coffee was indeed decaf, because it’s 6:30 at night and I would love to go to sleep right about….


I’m glad that I decided earlier this week to make today my rest day, because thinking about running would not have been my idea of a good time.

How do you feel with feeling tired by the end of the week?

What are you doing on your Friday night?


3 books, 1 day


My day started off at 0500 this morning, and I hated every minute of it.

I am not a morning person, so when my alarm goes off I have to first think about what day it is, next why is my alarm going off at this hour, and where am I supposed to be.

When I figure out that yes, I am really supposed to be getting up, and it’s not just a fluke I drag myself out of bed.

This morning for breakfast I made a new smoothie, Peariffic Green Monster Smoothie.

day4These are all the ingredients, minus the onions poking out in the back.

And that’s maca powder in the ziplock bag.

day5I put the banana and pear in first and blended that with some milk.  I wasn’t sure how much the pears would have to blend.

day6Breakfast to go.

The only problem I had was the dates didn’t blend quite as much as I’d like, but that’s an easy fix.

Then it was off to work.

It wasn’t a very busy day, so my day consisted of finishing Necessary Lies.

day7It was past due at the library.  I had tried renewing it with no luck, so since I was towards the end of the book I wanted to finish it before returning it.  My library gives a grace period, so I made it my mission to finish the book today.

It was such a good book, and I would recommend it to anyone.  I actually was reading it last night and didn’t want to put it down, but that darn 0500 was hanging over my head taunting me.

Once Necessary Lies was finished, I moved onto the next book.

day8Food Rules.  This was a really quick read.  I started and finished it at work, in between me having to actually work.


My favorite rule was “Eat all the junk food you want, as long as you actually cook it.”  Thought being it takes a little more time to make cookies, cakes, French fries, than going to the drive thru or store.  Most of the time people will not put the effort into making these decadent treats everyday.

I’ll take it.

I ended up taking my 45 minutes of fitness time and headed over to my work’s gym.

And while your thinking it, yes, I am very lucky to have a job where I can finish one book, read another, and then leave work 45 minutes early to go work out.

I was super excited when I got into the gym and saw that we had a new elliptical!

dayWhat a beauty?!  I was so excited to try it out, I was a little giddy.  We have a new treadmill too, that I will definitely be trying out one of these day.

day1Sorry for the blurry picture.  Just think of it as an action shot.

While I was on the treadmill, I finished my third book of the day.  I’m no Angel: From Victoria Secret’s Model to Role Model.  This was definitely a good read.  It talked about Kylie Bisutti’s struggles from being a Victoria Secret’s model to finding her life with her husband and God.  I love reading about other’s journey’s with God.  It’s always such an inspiration.

After getting my 50 minutes of cross training in, I headed to my parent’s to pick Justine up.  We ran into the library, so I could return my books before I got any fines.  I picked up a few more books to get me through the rest of the work week :)

I’m getting ready to start remodeling my half bathroom downstairs.  Well, my Dad is doing the major work.  I just have to clean the vanity out since I’m getting rid of that all together.  I’m going to paint the walls, and then my Dad is going to put in the ceramic tile, pedestal sink, and new toilet.

As I was cleaning the bathroom, it hit me that this was going to get the last time I’m cleaning the old bathroom.  On Monday, my Dad’s going to come over and rip everything out so I can start painting.

day2day3I’m so excited to get started!

So that was my day.  Work, read, workout, and clean.

How was your day?

Have you read any must- read books lately?


Nice weather=Running

Here a few randoms from my weekend.

The weather here has been really nice the past two days.  I’ve been feeling extra tired the past two days, and so each day I tell myself that it’s okay if I don’t run.  Just for today.  Then I start thinking about how nice the weather is, and how it can sneak back to freezing at anytime.  I can’t waste some good weather.

I ran 12 miles in the past two days.


run2I beat my 8 mile time from last Thursday by a minute.

I then met up with my friend Stacie, so we could take a walk, and I could cool down.


Excuse my chipped nail polish, but I wanted to take a picture of my red hands.  I don’t know what they are turning red, but my hands will turn like a bright red and sometimes will feel hot to the touch.  I don’t know why, or how to stop it.

run4Anyone have any ideas?

After seeing the above picture I went home and painted my nails.

run5In my January Birchbox I got a box of Nail Rock which is nail polish and sparkles.  You paint your nails and then dip them into the sparkles.  I kind of like it, though the sparkles don’t stay on that well.  It would be really good if you go out one night, and do your nails that day.

I love when I wash my bath rug.  It’s kind of like clean sheets.  I love stepping out of the shower onto a nice fluffy bath rug.

run6Anyone else feel that way, or is it just me??

This weekend felt like it went by so fast, and that I didn’t get anything done.  I hate weekends like that.  I look back over my two days off and think to myself, “Where did the time go?”

Back to work tomorrow.


How was your weekend?

Do your hands turn red for no reason?